In 2013, Sarah Köhler created a blog called TwentyBliss. A personal journey of an artist in her twenties navigating the obstacles of getting her work shown, turned global conversation and community of emerging talents that felt the same, and a mere four months later; the opening night of TwentyBliss' very first exhibition in Hong Kong.

As the following grew, 2014 became the year we evolved into a creative platform, curated their first international exhibition in Los Angeles and was included in a list by the Creative Executive of their "Favourite Movers and Shakers". The list of seventeen included Martin Parr, The Satorialist, Vice Magazine and AirBnB to name a few, and a nomination for Hong Kong's Most Valuable Company Award 2015 followed soon after.

With focus on empowering those in doubt, we continue to produce genuine and responsible content, and acknowledge that it is absolutely scary to create. Putting ourselves out there is terrifying. However, it doesn’t have to be something you do alone. TwentyBliss exists because of community and will always give back, and put that first.

After working with artists from Hong Kong, Manila, London, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland, 2017 will mark the beginning of a new era for TwentyBliss operating out of a new city.


“The thought of sharing art with the world can scare the bejeezus out of any creative, regardless of age or experience. This is why we at DesignGood celebrate creativity as an act of beauty and of courage. German-Chinese photographer Sarah Köhler is a kindred spirit: Based in Hong Kong, she saw lots of young creative talent that deserved to be shared and celebrated. “It really only takes that one person to take a chance on you,” she says.”
“In an industry that often looks to curators and critics to decide what is assigned value, making time, space, and a platform for young talent to get exposure is critical. Sarah made the jump out on her own before most of her peers – a bold move that is paying off!”
— Creative Executive