Illustration by Claire Raymond.

We're helping out our friends at Artists For Nepal with a little creativity for good.

Buying these t-shirts will mean doing something good, feeling good AND looking good at the same time. The design was inspired by a series of photographs our founder, Sarah Kohler had taken at an orphanage in Nepal and then illustrated by Claire Raymond.

ALL proceeds will be donated to Right4Children.

Right4Children (R4C) is a NGO based in Pokhara, Nepal. They give children and young people the opportunity of having the life they want to have by giving them the tools to make the change they are looking for. A life in which marginalized and stigmatized children, young people, and mothers can exercise their rights and voices, and reach their full potential.



Thank you so much to everyone that ordered a t-shirt and attended our event. You shared with intent and allowed us to give back with creativity.